Kat McGee Saves The World; An Earth Day Adventure by Kristin Riddick

It’s Earth Day and Kat McGee, lover of all holidays, has soured toward this one. Earth Day doesn’t feel like a holiday at all. It seems more like work: picking up trash, planting trees... where are the fireworks and carnivals?Then a storm like Totsville has never seen envelopes the small town and Kat is scared—really scared. She is trapped in her room, amidst the torrential storm of rain, snow, tornado-force winds, and crumbling walls, and things start to get fuzzy.Kat awakens to a very different world, in a place and time she doesn’t recognize.
Little does Kat know, she’s been transported over a hundred years in the future, where Mother Nature has given up on Earth, and it is a bleak and depressing place. With 2 young girls who look strikingly familiar, a talking plant, and a lot of determination, they realize it is up to them to save the planet. Their adventures take them fromthe rain forests to the depths of the ocean in search of help and hope, but canthey find people who care enough about the Earthto save it? Will Mother Nature give the planet another chance, or will Kat be stuck in this grim future forever?


Grumpy Dad Shovels Snow by Tom Romita

Grumpy Dad Shovels Snow by Tom Romita

"Grumpy Dad Shovels Snow" is the first in the Grumpy Dad children's book series which follow the goings-on in the Terwilliger family, as told through the eyes of four-year-old daughter, Molly. Molly, along with her parents, Tom and Carol, and baby brother Nicky, are a typical family, faced with the typical challenges of any household. As lovable as he is grumpy, Tom’s fatherly challenges provide the structure and life lesson of each story, and the ongoing impetus for Molly’s attempts to figure out what makes this large, and occasionally ornery occupant of the Terwilliger house, tick. In this first installment, Tom's grumpiness is exacerbated by snow. Molly can't understand why snow would make her dad, or anyone, grumpy. Tom's dealing with the snow, and Molly, leads to a funny, heartwarming story that will delight grown- ups and children alike.


Carly Keene Literary Detective: Braving the Brontes by Katherine Rue

Spunky young Alaskan Carly Keene has never met a book she didn't like. But she's never been in a book before. A chance nap in a magical bookstore sends Carly spiraling back in time. When she wakes up, it's 1846, and a young woman named Charlotte Bronte is trying to compose one of the greatest books ever written... Jane Eyre. With literary history on the line, Carly Keene will battle foggy moors, ghostly apparitions, cholera epidemics, and the horror that is nineteenth-century homework: needlework. It's as much as a spunky 21st-century girl can handle, but if anyone can brave the Brontes, it's Carly Keene. | In This Together Media


Kat McGee and the School of Christmas Spirit by Rebecca Munsterer

If Kat McGee had one Christmas wish, she'd wish to be special. Instead, she's the boring middle in a family packed with sparkly siblings, including three sisters who have all starred as Mary in Totsville, Maine's annual big-deal Christmas Pageant. All Kat's done is wet her pants on a rollercoaster and earn herself the horrible nickname, "Kat McPee." When she doesn't get the part of Mary, Kat's convinced that Christmas will be just another Kat McPee failure. But then Kat's beloved Gram lets it slip that she went to school with Mrs. Claus. THE Mrs. Claus. Before Kat knows it, a magical snowglobe whisks her away to the North Pole, where she makes friends, checks naughty and nice lists, and takes classes in cookie baking, reindeer training, and toy designing. It's a Christmas miracle... But something is wrong. The North Pole is being threatened, and only Kat McGee can help. Kat McGee and The School of Christmas Spirit is about a modern girl in a magical adventure. Kat is about to learn who you can be if you believe in Christmas... and yourself. | In This Together Media


Kat McGee and The Halloween Costume Caper by Kristin Riddick

Halloween is Kat McGee's day. She may feel like a loser the rest of the year, but come the season of trick-or-treating, costume contests, hay mazes, and haunted houses, Kat reigns supreme. No one in Totsville, Maine can bob a better apple or carve a more perfect pumpkin. But now the mysterious Dr. S is threatening to take Kat's day away. Dr. S hates Halloween as much as Kat loves it. Kat's in a panic over the holiday ban in Totsville when grandmotherly magic transports her to the wondrous city of Treatsville, where Halloween costumes live all year long-- and where the key to saving Halloween in Totsville just might lie. But Treatsville is being menaced, too. Costumes are disappearing, and the Halloween magic is going with them. It's up to Kat to help. Aided by the sugary-sweet spells of good witch Dolce, her sidekick owl DeLeche, and Kat's best costumes ever--Jujitsu Princess and Candy Cane Witch-- Kat must face down haunted forests, cruel tests, and the blackest magic the evil Snaggletooth can throw at her. She'll learn lessons about sharing the Halloween glory-- and learning to feel like a winner on every day, not just Halloween. | In This Together Media


Kat McGee Saves America by Kristin Riddick

The Fourth of July. Parades, fireworks, apple pie--and an amazing history of American freedom and revolution. Kat McGee doesn't know what she'd do without her favorite summery celebration of all things patriotic... but if she doesn't travel back in time to work her holiday-saving magic, she's going to find out--and fast. It's 1776. Thomas Jefferson has been kidnapped. The Declaration of Independence is gone. And the country's brilliant past rests on a young woman from the future, aided only by (the Statue of) Liberty, a young John Quincy Adams, and a whole lot of summer holiday spirit. | In This Together Media


Kat McGee and The Thanksgiving Turkey Train by Kristin Riddick

Hop the Turkey Train with Kat McGee, and travel back to a time before Christmas and Halloween were saved - a time when one ordinary girl's extraordinary mission had just begun! It's Thanksgiving season in Totsville. Kat McGee and her family are geared up to share stories, food, and games with their neighbors - but then the Turkey Train, which travels around Maine gathering items for the festivities, is destroyed. Without it, the holiday is over before it began.
Heartbroken, Kat and Gram visit the wreck to see what can be done. And before Kat knows it, she's being rocketed along the tracks into a series of adventures unlike any other - the first adventures of holiday-saving legend Kat McGee! | In This Together Media


The Little Girl Who Found Her Heart by Dave Gehrke

The touching story of a little girl named Sally Smart who goes on an adventure in search of her heart.

This book, my first published children's book, was created in support of the American Heart Association and made when I was working as an Art Director at Cline Davis and Mann. This book, along with a series of other materials, were designed to support the AHA and its efforts in raising awareness about children's heart health. Still one of my proudest achievements. | Cline, Davis, and Mann, Inc.


Kat Mcgee Holiday Adventure Pack Volume 1

All your favorite Kat Mcgee holiday adventures, all together in one big storybook. Coming soon! | In This Together Media


Nick Guarracino is an illustrator who works under the name grumpyboy. He creates artwork for children's books and publications using traditional and digital media. | All images ©2018 Nick Guarracino/Grumpyboy Studios and/or respective clients. No reproduction without consent | nickgcreates@gmail.com