NICK GUARRACINO can't remember a time when he didn't have a pencil (or crayon, or marker) in his hand. One of his earliest memories has him sitting at his Grandmother's kitchen table in Brooklyn, copying a picture of Mr. Peanut from the side of a snack can. He's been addicted to branding and design ever since. Since then Nick has built up an extensive and varied portfolio in design and illustration. He's been a professional artist for over 20 years and has mastery of both traditional and digital media. His philosphy has always been that good design transcends media. He's passionate about the merging of art and technology, and taught web design and digital communications courses at Pratt for over 3 years.

So, whether it's directing the design of a new product line, branding an interactive environment, or illustrating a new children's book, you can find him feeling quite at home in any media space. When he's not at his drawing table or his Mac, he can be found hiking in the woods with his dogs. Nick has been doing business as Grumpyboy studios since 1997. Don't worry, he's not very grumpy; it's just easier to remember than Guarracino.